Joe Somodi is well-known in Fort Collins as community advocate. He serves as a volunteer member of the Board of Directors at The Family Center/La Familia where he chairs of the Marketing and Development Committee.  The 25-year-old non-profit works alongside families to provide high quality childcare and family services for the Latin and Hispanic community. 

 Joe served on the Human Relations Commission (HRC) where he chaired the Media and Community Recognition Committee.  On the HRC, he was instrumental in drafting the commission’s formal response to the ordinance on Appropriate Use of Public Space and spoke out at city council on behalf of the HRC.  Joe also lead efforts in creating and presenting FoCo Speaks Out! at Ba Bleu Theatre, a city-wide collaborative initiative with the mission of building a community of transformative inclusion.  He went on to independently produce another FoCo Speaks Out! at the Lincoln Center.  Both events sold out.  He currently works with Imagine Zero to advocate for awareness and education for mental health and suicide prevention Joe is also the committee chair of Spark!, a Northern Colorado professional gay men’s group that aims to build safe space for community connection and belonging.

For the past dozen years Joe has worked as a professional yoga educator.  He has taught thousands of students and has traveled all across the United States teaching students to build strong spines and clear minds.  Before his yoga career, he owned a video production company called Gryffen Productions where he produced marketing videos. Some of his clients included: HBO, L’Oreal, ESPN and Disney.