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I want us to create a community that is responsible about our growth - a legacy for future generations. This includes making sure that our zoning regulations support healthy communities with integrated transportation networks (with a strong emphasis on bicycle and pedestrian routes).  And we need to build on the amenities that make our community a great place to live, work and recreate.  This includes a vibrant Parks network, strengthening our city's arts community, and working together to make "affordability" a priority as we continue to grow.  I want them to look back and be proud of our commitment to smart growth and livability for ALL of our citizens.  I'm proud of Fort Collins and I want to help us to build an even greater future!

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Given the abundant growth that we are facing, quality of life is in the hearts and on the minds of our citizens. It's critical that we maintain (and expand) parks and open spaces.  That we continue to build a world class arts community.  That our transportation infrastructure continues to meet growing traffic needs (turn lanes, roundabouts and alternative transportation options).  The city has an ambitious Climate Action Plan and we must continue to be vigilant as a Council in order to achieve our goals. As we move forward, our budget, policy direction and attendant ordinances and resolutions must reflect these goals and we need to instill confidence in our citizenry that quality of life remains a top priority.



As Fort Collins moves forward, equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) lie squarely at the intersection of growth and quality of life.  I plan to take a strong leadership role in advocating opportunities that will help diversify our workforce, promote increased access for our senior population, foster policies that assist those who are less able bodied, and support resolutions that make our residents and our visitors feel welcome, safe and valued.

As Police Chief Jeff Swoboda eloquently stated in response to false claims and discriminatory comments towards one of our citizens this past October:  "The best way to make our community safer is by building strong relationships, collaborating with our neighbors, and welcoming the positive contributions that diversity brings to our city."

This will be my mantra.