Not My Words

Joe Somodi is an excellent listener and communicator, he enjoys consuming information and being educated on issues important to the community, and he genuinely cares about people. Apart from these necessary attributes, he is articulate, good natured, and carries a sense of diversity and youthful exuberance that would serve as an energetically positive “shot-in-the-arm” to both the council’s make-up and the community as a whole.
— Dr. Patrick Rishe
I believe that Joe Somodi has the commitment to service, diverse community service experience, and demeanor to work with anyone, regardless of class, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. but more importantly, I think he values an inclusive community in which all are welcome and are vigorously encouraged to participate fully in all the services and cultural opportunities that Fort Collins can offer.
— Lori Feig-Sandoval
As a City Councilmember, Joe will always have his door open, he will stand up for the Fort Collins community as a whole, and will collaborate with those in all areas who have worked so hard to build such a vibrant community.
— Amanda Hitpas
Joe embodies a positive, passionate, mindful approach to everything he does. He cares deeply about the Fort Collins community, and possesses a strong desire to make Fort Collins an even better place for all residents – he knows it’s already a great place! He listens intently and openly to all ideas, he seeks input from many different voices before decision-making and action, he has the courage to make tough decisions, and he has the passion to give 150% to any endeavor he undertakes.
— Barb Kistler
Joe Somodi has natural abilities to bring people together. He listens thoughtfully to all perspectives and asks important questions to find common ground that solutions are built upon. He is an ideal for City Council because he represents healthy and sustainable growth for our city AND because he can speak for many demographics of our growing community.
— Ruth Beauchamp
I have lived here 48 years, and I support Joe Somodi for City Council.
— Colleen Conway
I have known Joe for my entire life. I can honestly say this is very representative of how he is: calm, cool collected thoughtful and always concerned about the well being of others.
— James Diel
Joe is way humble in a list of a thousand incredible traits. He is a dear friend and epic leader who leads with authentic compassion for his community, combined with the wisdom of an experienced business owner and more. Health is his platform - health of individuals, health of the community and health of his state.
— Meredith Cohen Weiss
Joe would be amazing in this role! He’s caring, committed to listening to Fort Collins citizens and a great voice for our fine city.
— Maggie Graham
I know Joe will champion us, addressing the needs of the people with his highly developed ability to work with all temperaments and backgrounds. Joe walks in strength without judgement. He can lead the way to a better world, and I want that to happen. I back Joe Somodi for City Council.
— Lara Oberlin
Joe is a dear friend, an incredible teacher, a seriously wise dude, and someone who cares deeply about making an impact locally and globally.
— Melanie Lighthouser
“Joe has a strong position on downtown density in order to foster strong economic security. He is compassionate but pragmatic about homelessness. He is a strong arts advocate. He represents the LGBTQ community. He is a strong fiscal manager with a passion for budgeting. In short, he is the ideal city council member.”
— Jeff King
Joe is an intelligent, kind, and strong leader who has quickly come to understand the joys and the challenges of Front Range living. I remember when Joe and his family chose Fort Collins as their home. It was a thoughtful and deliberate choice, based not only on what the city could provide to them, but also for the energy and commitment he and his family were excited to bring to Fort Collins. Joe is adaptable, considerate, and no-nonsense. He’ll bring fresh ideas and an understanding of urban and suburban living to the Council. His natural charm will make him well-suited to represent values of a diverse Fort Collins community. I highly recommend him to you for District 1 City Council member.
— Vanessa Anderson
Joe is a deep listener with exceptional compassion, never backs down from a challenge, is a creative problem solver, and a lover of life and humanity from all walks. I believe he is the right voice for right now. His 20 Years of Small Business Experience make him the best choice, and I know him to be thorough and pragmatic in his decision making. Ever since Joe moved to Fort Collins, he has been deeply connected and dedicated to the diverse and rich fabric of the community.
— Marin Heinritz