It’s the people of our community who motivate me to want to serve in a more meaningful way.  I have connected with those who are experiencing homelessness, who are seeking affordable childcare or housing, or who are working to overcome mental health issues. I have also sat with community members who are concerned with growth and change and the loss of community.  I’ve met with many who long to find a living wage or a sustainable career path.  I’ve met with developers who seek balance in regulation.  Accurate representation means knowing the challenges in our community both intellectually and, for me, on a deeper, more personal level. 

My 20 years of small business experience has been as diverse as the make-up of District One.  My journey as a business owner has required extensive travel throughout the United States.  I have strong skills in the art of negotiation.  I’m passionate about crafting responsible budgets.  I’m trained in time and stress management.  Each of these are invaluable as a council member.  In my case, 20 years of business experience also means 20 years of consistent leadership.  I wake up every day ready to listen to others, help solve problems where I can with a deep desire to learn and grow myself.

As a health educator, you may be certain that I will incorporate care of our community in much the same way that I care for my hundreds of students. 

Being articulate about both facts and figures and the ability to understand how to connect with people and community are critical attributes that I bring to the table.  Listening and being hungry to expand knowledge are fundamental to being successful in any leadership role, including our city council.   Just like in every important endeavor I undertake, I’ll approach my time on council with an unrelenting determination to dig in, do the research, ask the important questions, and make decisions that will lead to a healthy and thriving community.  Health, is my unique lens on life.

If there is one simple phrase that aptly sums up all my experiences here, it is this: I HEAR YOU, FORT COLLINS!  And because I feel passionate and connected to the issues and to our community, I believe I am uniquely prepared to serve responsively and honorably - a voice that the council will benefit from, and I believe the right voice for right now.

After 8 years of contemplation, my spouse and I made this OUR choice city in which to settle and plant roots.   I love Fort Collins, enough to know that I want to live out my life here.  This love is the root of my inspiration for greater service to our world-class city.